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Medical Transportation Services

Medical transportation is a very specialized field that requires special vehicles and equipment and a dedication to passenger service above and beyond what other forms of transportation require. At Serra Medical Transportation Inc. we have been providing the highest level of medical transportation services in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for over a decade.

We Meet All Your Medical Transportation Needs

Whether it is non-emergency medical transportation or a trip scheduled in advance, commercial or residential service, special wheelchair vans, domestic service, event standby, long distance transport and much more, we can meet all your specialized medical transportation requirements.

We are fully insured, bonded and licensed with well-maintained medical transport vehicles and equipment and courteous and attentive drivers who are trained in the special requirements of medical transportation. They know the areas we serve well and can find the shortest and smoothest route to wherever the transportation may be required.

Serra Medical Transportation Inc.  |  1299 Bayshore Highway, #230  |  Burlingame, California
P: (650) 340-9999 / (650) 333-9699  |  F: (650) 340-8999

Where You Need Us, When you Need Us

When you book our medical transport services, you can be sure that we will be where you need us to be and on time. Even routine medical transportation can be a trying experience for the patient and having to wait for the trip to begin because of a late arriving vehicle makes it even worse. We won't let that happen.

Safety and quality of vehicles and service, guide everything we do. And unlike some other providers of medical transportation we do not take advantage of the special needs of the people we carry to charge them exorbitantly. Contact us to see how affordable our rates are. We know that the elderly often have medical transportation needs and for them we even offer a special Senior Discount to ensure that our services are available to them.

We provide those in need of medical transportation with the means to travel where they need to go to improve their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Contact Us

To book the medical transport you need, or to get any clarifications you may want, call us at (650) 340-9999 or (650) 333-9699 or fax us at (650) 340-8999. You can email us at

When a person is unwell, there is enough for the patient and his or her family to worry about. At Serra Medical Transportation Inc. we will not add to your burden. When you contact us for medical transportation, you know that this is one area where you will get the service you want with no hassles to make life difficult for you.

Illness and injuries are bad enough without the worry of transporting patients to where they need to go. With Serra Medical Transportation Inc. worrying about transport is one thing you will never have to do. We serve all Bay Area Hospitals and physical therapy appointments.

Serra Medical Transportation Inc.  |  1299 Bayshore Highway, #230  |  Burlingame, California
P: (650) 340-9999 / (650) 333-9699  |  F: (650) 340-8999

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